Day 169: Nice.

There’s an unsuspecting moment in a cinema classic that resonates boldly today. When Billy Madison laughed at being told to turn to page 69, nobody laughed with him. And it was a moment that viewers at home didn’t laugh at, either. Back in 1995, America was still a sexually repressed country. We were desensitized to copious violence but the appearance of a nipple was shocking and grotesque.

The times have changed and the digital age has made us more sophisticated humans. While we still don’t want to see nipples, god no, get those things away from me, our tastes have matured to the point that we might be mistaken as Europeans. People will be like, “look at that dude deeming every use of the number 69 to be ‘nice’. He’s so sexually liberated!”

And that’s where we are now. Our culture has evolved into nothing but people spewing out the number 69 and people responding with a “nice”. This is how we communicate. Everybody and their drunk aunts have spent the last few years finding ways to use the number 69 because haha sex. And we can’t help but love it! This writing project is stopping at 369 days for no reason. It has basically lost all meaning at this point. The number is so buried in the cultural zeitgeist that we forgot that it represents a very difficult act of two people performing oral sex at the same time. Ew, that’s gross! How does that even work? That’s gotta be so uncomfortable! What the fuck is wrong with people?!? They actually do that?!?

But 69.

That’s a sex number.


I like sex.


– TeeCoZee269wordslol