Day 159: I Had A Dream This Morning

I had a dream last night.

Or rather, it was this morning.

That we had moved again.

This time, to New Jersey.

In Al Kaline’s old house.

There was actually two houses.

Both of equal dimensions, separated by an overgrown courtyard.

We were already settled in.

We laid in bed and watched the afternoon shadows dance on the walls.

I had no idea what was really outside the door.

I didn’t care.

When evening came, we left.

Walked behind the house and into the parking lot of the My Pillow Factory.

There was a smattering of people taking selfies.

It made no sense.

It made too much sense.

And we took pictures of our own.

Cradling our favorite pillows.

And I woke up, not cradling a pillow.

But instead, the one I love.

She came back with me.

Thank god.

I was breathing uncomfortably hard.

And then it dawned on me.

Al Kaline never lived in New Jersey.

Or did he?

– TeeCoZee