Day 152: Head Against The Window

My head’s against the window.
Watching the world go by.
For an instant, you can see people’s lives.
And in another instant, it’s gone.
We’re all just a bunch of two second voyeurs.
Passing somebody on the street.
Wondering why they walk that way.
Was there an accident?
Or a defect at birth?
Or do they just walk like an asshole?
Before you come to a conclusion, they’re gone.
Never to be seen again.

The rumble comforts my skull.
Nothing like a slight jostle to massage the lobes.
With a little bit of pain from the pins in my hat.
This used to be my favorite after-school activity.
Just rest my head on the cool glass.
And look at the town as it passes.
Pretending to myself that I hadn’t seen it a million times.
Sometimes, it’s better that way.
You end up being a lot more impressed.
You think to yourself, “Wow. You live here?”
“That one building looks really cool”.
“I wonder if I know anybody that goes to that bank”.
And so on.
And so forth.

It’s all kind of a blur, head against the window.
If you don’t stop to focus, you’re not going to distinguish anything.
I like to point out one object and follow it out of existence.
That McDonald’s sign looks really clean.
That guy’s definitely going to miss that train.
Those people are watching soccer.
That person’s finally home.
“lies and Cigarettes”? That sounds about right.
Hey, that looks like Will’s tent.
That IS Will’s tent.
And there’s the bookshelves with the Emmy’s.
That’s my house.
I went too far.
God damnit.

With your head against the window,
The world passes you by.
And it does so very quickly.
A little too quickly.
Because before you know it,
You’ll miss your stop.

– TeeCoZee