Day 145: Some Days

Some days, it’s a lot easier.

Some days, it’s nearly impossible.

Some days you’ll spend laughing.

Some days you’ll spend in silence.

Some days, there’s explosions.

Some days, it’s uncomfortably quiet.

Some days you spend on the toilet.

Some days you spend on the roof.

Some days, you’ll wish more people cared.

Some days, you just want to be left alone.

Some days, you take the high road.

Some days, your GPS makes you go in a circle.

Some days, your head wants to explode.

Some days, you understand.

Some days you try to find forever.

Some days are still waiting on your call.

Some days, you forget this is even a thing.

Some days, it’s the first thing you think of.

Some days, you want to scream.

Some days, you can’t even cry.

Some days, you can’t comprehend how you got so lucky.

Some days, you’ll wonder why your phone won’t buzz.

Some days you’ll look at with wonder.

Some days will bore you to death.

Some days, you’ll miss them like crazy.

Some days, you’ll know everyone is better off.

Some days will overwhelm you.

Some days, you’ll be Johnny On The Spot.

Some days, you’ll have a balanced breakfast.

Some days, you snack until dinner.

Some days you’ll spend in front of the screen.

Some days, you won’t have any service.

Some days will be spent like other days.

Some days will be seen with different eyes.

Some days, you’ll watch the sunset.

Some days, you’ll wake at sunrise.

Some days, you’ll dress to the nines and nobody will notice.

Some days, you’ll assure them that you “just threw this on”.

Some days, you’ll find it amusing.

Some days, you’ll find it disturbing.

Some days, it’s overpriced.

Some days, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Some days, you’ve got nothing to say.

Some days, your foot will hurt because of a nerve at the top of your big toe that was pinched 3 days ago because you decided to wear fresh Vans on the ice and you’re a total fucking fool.

Same days, you take the local on purpose.

Some days, you’ll pray for the express.

Some days, you can’t crack a smile.

Some days are overly expressive.

Some days might be tomorrows.

Some days might be yesterdays.

Some days are right around the corner.

Some days you’ll never see.

Some days you’ll look back on fondly for no particular reason other than the fact that Dr Pepper tasted really good with your lunch.

Some days you’ll never think about again.

Some days really want your attention.

Some days are nothing for a reason.

Some days, you’ll be ready to make a change.

Some days, you’ll barely make it to the hallway.

Some days will be different for you than it will be to others.

Some days mean much more than you’ll ever know.

Some days never know when to stop.

Some days have an abrupt ending.

Some days are today.

– TeeCoZee