Day 124: Embrace Today

Embrace today.

You’ll miss it tomorrow.

Do some things you forgot you knew how to do.

Call the people you’ve been meaning to call all month.

Make the day yours.

Take some extra time to sit on the toilet.

Tell your cat how you really feel about his posture.

Make that second cup of coffee.

Read through some old journals.

Notice how Doom Scrolling has just become Scrolling.

Scroll some more, as there’s temporary relief.

Eat the sandwich you’ve been craving.

Suplex your bad feelings through a buffet table.

Make a stiff drink.

It doesn’t matter what time it is.

Empty out your closet.

Try not to rush too much.

Doodle a dinosaur slam dunking the fuck out of a basketball off the Grand Canyon.

It doesn’t matter how bad it is.

Embrace your inner child.

Go sit on a swing set.

Cherish ever squeak of the chains.

Scream out at the top of your lungs.

But do it joyfully, not as if somebody is stabbing you.

Say hello to a stranger.

Go to a book store just to browse.

Unsubscribe to some emails.

Find a new hiding spot.

Give egg salad a chance.

Watch some cartoons.

Go for a drive just to drive.

Find a secluded place and blast your favorite song from the 6th grade.

Laugh for no reason.

Buy an Apple.

Do what you want.

Do whatever.

It’s your day.

Embrace it.

– TeeCoZee