Day 116: We Wanted To Get Willy A New Friend

Willy has seemed extra lonely these days. He wasn’t always the most social cat in the cat society, but the pandemic has been hard on him. Much like all of us, cats are also affected by social distancing. Or at least we believe that’s the case. I’m not a cat doctor. I’m not even a person loved by cats. I just make assumptions Willy nilly. The pun was intended.

There’s just something in the way that he lays his head down while he watches TV with me at 3 in the morning. There’s something missing in his life. He could miss nature or maybe he craves a life of international intrigue. Maybe his collar is really gross and it makes him sad. These are all very likely possibilities, but I need to hone in on one.

What I’m thinking is that he just wants a friend. Somebody to chum up with that isn’t his parents. Somebody more his size that lives on the floor. Somebody to entertain him while we’re sleeping. Somebody to do a funny dance when he’s feeling blue. And most importantly, someone who’s willing to do some damn work around the house. Because lord knows that Willy is Freeloader Supreme. His laziness is half of his charm, so we can’t really fault him for it. His new friend could charm us in different ways and maybe serve us drinks. That’d be rad as hell.

So we decided to buy him a new friend.

But we couldn’t just pick anything. We wanted one that was smarter than the average friend but not too overpriced. There was a lot more variety than we anticipated. Small friends, big friends, black friends, blue friends. Friends that can clean themselves. Friends that can learn the layout of your house. Friends that we can give commands to. Friends that do none of those things and flail around endlessly until they get sleepy. After much deliberation, we narrowed in on one. Mainly because it was on sale, but also because it was smart but not scary smart.

This morning, there was a thud outside our door, followed by a soft knock. The friend had arrived. I placed the box in the kitchen and went back to bed. Willy immediately darted to it in curiosity.

I watched from a distance as he got familiar with the box. In my mind, he growled at it and the friend growled back. That probably didn’t happen. He won’t know the actual contents of the box until we fully move. So it will be another couple weeks of mystery until then.

What adventure awaits Willy and his brand new friend? What kind of hijinx are they going to get into? Will they hate each other at the beginning or will they be instant buddies? I guess we’re going to have to wait to find out!

And obviously, I’ll report my findings along the way.

– TeeCoZee