Day 108: Pack Up Your Life

Pack up your life
The boxes are over there
You can start in the bedroom
Or wherever you care

Pack up your life
Make sure everything’s dusted
Check for dead or living bugs
Some things can’t be trusted

Pack up your life
Hurry up and wait
Not everything can be moved now
But there’s gotta be something today

Pack up your life
But make sure weight is evenly distributed
Don’t put all the records in one box
Trust me, that’d be stupid

Pack up your life
The cat might be worried
But things would be much worse for him
If it were all hurried

Pack up your life
And you’re allowed to make noise
It’s a sweet revenge on our neighbors
And their unruly boys

Pack up your life
But the memories can wait
If you stop to reminisce on everything
We’ll definitely be running late

Pack up your life
Take down all decorations and pictures
Remember when we went to that game?
Crap, I’m getting nostalgic. Figures.

Pack up your life
And throw the bad times away
If it gets to be too much
I have a shoulder where your head could lay

Pack up your life
I know it feels bad
I’m having a hard time, too
But there’s good times to be had

Pack up your life
And I know we might argue
But at the end of the day, please no
There’s nobody I’d rather move with than you.

Pack up your life
Things will get better
Soon we’ll be out of Brooklyn
And we can start a new life together.