Day 104: 20 Good [And 20 Terrible] Memories From This Year

There is literally nothing else that I can say about this year that hasn’t already been spewed out by everyone ad nauseum. After a while, I became sick of the year because I was sick of hearing people being sick of the year. The cosmic joke lost its humor quickly. As my last act of this bullshit suck year from hell, I’m going to refrain from writing some heartfelt and quasi-positive call to arms to make 2021 better. I’ll leave that for everyone else and I’ll clap my ass off from the sidelines. But one thing that we don’t typically notice about life is that most good memories are accompanied by bad ones and vice versa. This creates balance in the universe. So instead of focusing on the bad things that happened this year, I’d rather make a list of the positives. But because this year was a leaky sack of rotten burritos, I also have to mention the bad. Because just like the universe, my writing also needs balance.

1) Learning that the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts.

Learning that all sports were cancelled indefinitely.

2) Being able to pre-order a PS5.

Realizing that there aren’t really any good PS5 games.

3) Watching live MLB baseball on TV for the first time in months.

Choking on a steak before the 2nd inning.

4) Not having to leave the house for a few days in a row.

Knowing that there’s a deadly disease rampant outside my window.

5) Learning that Biden won the election.

Going to Michigan and seeing how many people were somehow still willing to vote for Chester Cheetah, including members of my own family.

6) Waking up feeling generally okay.

Going to bed in a panicked stupor after coughing a few times.

7) That feeling of satisfaction after finishing a post.

That feeling when it’s dark outside and I still didn’t know what the hell to write.

8) Game 6 of the World Series.

Game 4 of the World Series.

9) Making it to the top of Mount Jo.

Only being halfway up Mount Jo and ready to collapse, profusely apologizing to everyone for wasting their time and feeling shittier about myself than I had in a long time.

10) Watching Brodie Lee Jr hit MJF with a kendo stick.

Hearing about Brodie Lee passing and the heartache that it caused throughout the wrestling world.

11) Enjoying a cold beer.

Being ridiculously thirsty

12) Not having to go to a funeral this year.

Hearing about the many that did, or weren’t able to.

13) Seeing Ween twice.

Getting sick after having to stand in line in single digit temperatures two nights in a row.

14) Reading the outpour of love and well wishes when I decided to be transparent about my health condition.

Sitting in the lobby of CityMD, shaking and scared to death about what could possibly be wrong with me.

15) Being able to hug my Mom.

Driving for 10 hours in a state of sheer panic.

16) Learning that somebody was shot in front of our doorstep.

Signing a lease to a new place and a better life.

17) Watching the Stadium Stampede Match.

Watching the Eye For An Eye Match and Rey Mysterio’s gooey ping pong ball popping out of his eye socket.

18) Spending Christmas morning with my family.

Having to do it over video chat.

19) Every time I gazed at Rachel’s beauty or laughed at something she said and realizing how lucky I truly am.

The one time we got into a fight.

20) Knowing that 2020 is almost over.

Finding out with 6 hours left in the year that MF DOOM died. How many more times can this year punch us in the dick?!?

Hopefully the answer is none. None more times. Have a Happy New Year! Or at least a better one!

– TeeCoZee