Day 103: This Might’ve Been The Best Year Ever

This might’ve been your year.

This could have been the year that you got it all figured out.

Or it might’ve been the year when you realized that you had everything you needed.

Maybe you got that big promotion at work.

Or better yet, maybe you won the lottery.

You might’ve discovered a hobby that changed your life.

Maybe you got out of an abusive relationship.

You might’ve bought that dream house on the hill that you always drove by.

Your team could have won the World Series.

Or your preferred president got elected.

Perhaps you got the courage to talk to her.

Maybe you went ahead and married your best friend.

Your first novel might’ve been published.

And then you got an idea for a second.

You might’ve reconnected with a family member or a long lost friend.

Maybe you went on a hike and saw the most beautiful sight that your eyes ever laid upon.

Or maybe you figured out how to stop blaming yourself.

This could’ve been the year you finally went sober.

Or quit smoking.

You might’ve conquered a life-threatening illness.

Maybe this year, you gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

And your cat had kittens.

And they’re all so well-behaved.

And they don’t smell terrible at all.

This might’ve been the year that you successfully made your own pasta.

Maybe you finally got your PHD.

Or maybe you paid off the loans for your PHD.

You could’ve gotten your first car.

Or had your first adventure in the big and scary city.

This might’ve been the year when you found happiness.

This might’ve been the best year ever.

And if it was, good for you.

But please, shut the fuck up about it.

Everyone else had a miserable year and we’re glad it’s over.

I can’t believe you would gloat about that.

Fuck your best year ever and fuck you.

– TeeCoZee