Day 079: Diet Dr Pepper Tastes Nothing Like A Good Soda [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

I get it. It’s Sunday, it’s cold outside, you probably don’t have to go out there. You’re a fortunate human. Suckers like me are running late for work. So while you’re snuggled up on your warm, warm couch, just remember that there’s dudes like me hustling out there. Or you can just read these lists. One or the other. You don’t have to do both. But if you do, that’s cool too. Lists!

5. Top 5 Diet Sodas

5) Diet Dr Pepper
4) Fresca
3) Diet Mountain Dew
2) Tab
1) Diet Coke

It’s not even close. I just felt like pointing out that Diet Coke is a damn good beverage and every other diet soda is total trash. I spent 4 months in 2001 drinking Diet Mountain Dew and I still have horrific flashbacks of it. Diet Dr Pepper tastes nothing like regular Dr Pepper, that’s why the ad campaign didn’t last.

4. Top 5 Episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

5) Charlie Work
4) Mac & Dennis Move To The Suburbs
3) Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack
2) The Gang Solves The Gas Crisis
1) The Gang Beats Boggs

I feel like this is an ironclad list. The show may be stretching on forever and most of the episodes are disposable, there’s a lot of gems that even non-fans can enjoy.

3. Top 5 Preview Holidays

5) Ash Wednesday
4) Devil’s Night
3) Good Friday
2) St Nicholas Day
1) Christmas Eve

What, do you not observe 4 out of 5 of those previews? Obviously you’re not a mid-western catholic. Also, Happy St Nicholas Day! I hope you got an orange in your shoe. Just make sure you double check before you put it on. There might be a clementine hidden in there.

2. Top 5 Alarm Presets On My Phone

5) 6:32 PM
4) 4:20 AM
3) 9:38 AM
2) 11:07 AM
1) 10:47 AM

I feel that waking up at 10:47 provides the optimal morning experience. It’s definitely not early and if you think that it’s too late, you obviously haven’t waken up at 10:47 before, bub.

1. Top 5 New Screencaps In My Camera Roll






This last one I actually caught in the wild. Obviously, I’m pretty proud of it. RIP, Grandmaster Sexay.

Have a Too Cool week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee