Day 065: There’s Always Next Week [Top 5 Top 5 Sunday]

It’s been a rough week. All of the excitement over the Dodgers, the election, Christmas decorating and the PS5 have dissipated and I was left with nothing but reality. But I should count my blessings. At least I have my health [kinda], sanity [kinda], someone who loves me [definitely] and the ability to write lists [whether you like it or not]. It could be a lot worse. I could be unable to write lists for some reason. That’d be lame. So I might as well flaunt my god-given talents and pass the listings onto you!

5) Top 5 People That Angered Me This Week
5. Unknown dickhead, for stealing packages out of my building.
4. Stranger on Facebook, for ruining an insightful post by saying that “Biden is dividing America”.
3. Asshole customer, for preferring that I throw away a $3 salad over him actually paying for it.
2. Myself, for eating beef brisket.
1. Dude on MLB The Show, for bunt cheesing in the 11th inning of a well-fought game.

4) Top 5 Thanksgiving Sides
5. Mashed potatoes w/ gravy
4. Scalloped potatoes
3) Green bean casserole
2) Stuffing
1) Broccoli, cheese & rice casserole

3) Top 5 Things That I’m Looking Forward To This Week
5. The prospect of feeling normal again
4. Actually getting to sit down and watch a Lions game
3. Turkey Day event in Animal Crossing
2. WWE Survivor Series
1. Eating nothing but sides for days

2) Top 5 Weather Forecasts
5. 33° & Snowy
4. 82° & Sunny
3. 55° & Overcast
2. 64° & Breezy
1. 69° & Nice

1) Top 5 New Pictures On My Camera Roll






If there’s any lists that you want to see included, you know how to contact me. Actually, if there’s any general topic you want to see me write about, just send it my way. I’ve got 304 more spots to fill!

Have an inspired week, everyone!

– TeeCoZee