Day 053: Top 5 Questions I Was Left Asking After Monday Night Raw

I realize that I’m writing this to a very limited audience. But every now and then, I quickly run out of time in the morning. When this happens, I need to write something that I can complete quickly and passionately. Because of that, here’s 5 things that left me perplexed from last night’s Raw:

5) Why did they write Tucker to turn on Otis, only to have him immediately become a faceless jobber? In an era with a terrible shortage of tag teams, why would they break up a tag team for no benefit of either member?

4) Why do I like R-Truth all of a sudden? Is it because his shtick is a perfect mixture of Al Snow, Crash Holly and Amelia Bedelia? Or did his existence just out-wear my hatred?

3) Why would Lana stand ringside to a match that she has nothing to do with, knowing damn well that she’s going to go through a table like she always does? She has literally been sent through a table 8 times. Just stop!

2) Did the WWE really think that changing Matt Riddle’s name to “Riddle” was going to make us forget that he’s a rapist?

1) Why is it 3 hours long? With all the talent they have, why can’t they fill that 3 hours better? How can 3 hours pass and have absolutely nothing happen? What am I doing with my life?

– TeeCoZee