Day 048: Top 5 Top 5 Lists For No Particular Reason

Our collective brains are still numb. Or at least I hope they are and it’s not just me. Regardless, a lazy brain creates lazy content. For the sake of existing, here’s the Top 5 Top 5 lists that I can conjure up this morning. Enjoy.

5) Top 5 Undertaker Entrance Themes

5) American Badass
4) Dead Man Walking
3) Rollin’
2) Ministry
1) Graveyard Symphony

4) Top 5 Things That Willy Is Currently Doing To Ruin My Life

5) Standing on the lifted coffee table, shaking it
4) Shedding fur that will surely cling to my shirt
3) Sitting on top of my new comics
2) Rubbing his face on the laptop, flattening the screen angle
1) Being generally too cute to ignore, which is a huge distraction

3) Top 5 Shows That I Watched To Calm Down This Week

5) Joe Pera Talks With You
4) WCW Nitro
3) The Simpsons
2) NXT
1) I Think You Should Leave

2) Top 5 Screen Caps I Made This Week






1) Top 5 Things I Learned About Geography This Week

5) Nevada is the laziest state
4) Fuck Ohio
3) Phoenix is in Maricopa County
2) I’m suddenly compelled to pay Wisconsin a visit
1) Fuck Ohio

– TeeCoZee