Day 038: Top 5 Questions From Clerks: TAS That I Still Ask Myself

Sometimes, it’s the shows that get cancelled quickly that leave the biggest impact on us. Actually, that’s not true at all. Usually, a show gets cancelled quickly because it left zero impact on anybody, not even the people that made it. But every once in a while, a show comes along that touches the hearts and minds of a generation and is quickly cancelled by an evil network that doesn’t understand it. That every once in a while is once. It happened once. That show was Clerks: The Animated Series. Only 6 episodes were made and only 2 were actually aired on ABC. But those who were fans of it still quote it endlessly. I’ve milked this show dry and injected it into my personality. Half of the time, I’ll reference it and not even remember that it came from that. But I am aware that a lot of the lines that I repeat from the show are in the form of a question. So for no reason at all [or because I’m running out of time this morning], here’s 5 questions that I constantly ask myself:

5) Will you guys vulcanize my tires while I wait?

4) Youse guys want to buy some fireworks?

3) Who is driving? Oh my god, Bear is driving, how can that be?

2) Why are we walking like this?

1) Is it safe?

I would have also accepted, “Where are my pants?”, “Do you have any Thandi Lassi?”, “Youse guys remember that?”, “Are we stuck in here?” or “Why are we walking like this?”. Okay, thanks, bye! Have a good fair!

– TeeCoZee