Day 014: I’d Rather Celebrate The Good News [Friday Thought W/ TeeCoZee]

Good Moleman. Lunch Lady Doris, do you have any grease? Yes. My retirement grease. It’s Friday, October 2, Twenty-Two Nil. The weather in Brooklyn is 57° & Pantone 14-4102 and somewhere, somebody is installing a window. Another person is painting drywall. Another person is hammering nails. Another person is supervising another person. Another person is supervising the supervisor. And me? I didn’t know that much work and bureaucracy went into making a porno set. I also have a thing on my mind…

– Did you guys hear the news? About the thing that happened yesterday? Man that was crazy. On one end, I can’t believe it. But on the other end, I’m not surprised. So I guess you can say the news washed over me. It was very whelming news. Twitter went nuts about it last night. Everybody was having a party after they heard the news. People were popping champagne, setting off fireworks, bee-bopping and scatting all over the news. Somewhere, a sailor is kissing a goddamn nurse. It’s not sanitary, but hey, when there’s news, there’s news.

Some people might argue that the news isn’t real. Present company is included in that group. I was skeptical from the moment I heard the news. It seemed to good to be true and it would definitely pack a crippling punch if the news ended up being false. For now we just have to take the news for what it is and hope that things keep going our way.

But I have to admit, I feel kind of bad. While we’re out here making it rain, it’s at the expense of other lives. It’s some really heavy news for thousands of people. Sometimes we get so caught up in good news that we forget that it could be hurting somebody else. We should probably take a moment to check ourselves and make sure that we’re not being too cocky. We need to be the bigger person. We need to be better.

What? You didn’t hear the news? Oh man. I can’t believe you didn’t hear the news. We’re you sleeping like a rock last night? Did you not get 50 texts from friends, relatives and former stalkers? Man. I guess I could tell you the news.

I hope you’re sitting down.


Last night.

Clayton Kershaw struck out 13 over 8 innings!!! The playoff curse might be lifted!!!


Well calm down, because there’s a lot of sad Brewers fans out there. Come on. Show some tact.

– Try this trick over the weekend: Read the news. It might suck, but it’s news.

Have an informed weekend, everyone!

– TeeCoZee