Day 008: Never Thought I’d Be In A Dome

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the future. That’s probably because I didn’t have the capacity to reminisce, but still, the future seemed dope. We would drink all of our meals, travel in tubes and live in domes. I sorely wanted to live that Jetson Life and although things are much advanced now, it didn’t evolve in a way that I expected. This isn’t the Spring Yard Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog [unless you live in California]. But my predictions remain true, I guess. I technically travel in tubes, albeit via subway. Soylent is a thing, but I’m well over that fad. And when it came time for Rachel and I to have an anniversary getaway, we opted to spend the night in a dome out in the Catskills.

If you were to tell Little Cozy Coze that when he’s 33, he would finally sleep in a dome, he would have much different expectations. Instead of it being in outer space or something that Pauly Shore would crash in, this was a dome engrained in the past. There were no high tech gadgets, merely the essential appliances and a whole lot of Cottage Core sensibilities. And in a way, that made it more impressive. It had log furniture and a tree branch hung from the loft overhead. Although it was technically a canvas tent, the structure, amenities and hardwood floor made it feel like a proper domicile. Windows were cut into the ceiling to display stars [that decided not to come out during our stay] and it seemed like every square inch of the place had intention.

What the creator of the dome did was tap into my brain and gave me what I thought I wanted combined with what I actually needed. It was a symbol of a far-away utopia that was seemingly built well into the past. Much like my fascination with the ski jumps in Lake Placid, I’ve always wanted to see the future meshed with nature. Not only did I get to fulfill my fantasy of Dome Living, I also got serenity and nature. I couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate a year of marriage. It was exactly what we needed.

But the real question is what in the hell did we do? There was no phone service, limited internet, only a regular DVD player and only 20 “cable channels”. We lived like my parents would. I watched CHiPs while Rachel worked out her eye-rolling muscles. It was the most on-brand we have ever been.

– TeeCoZee