Monthly Archive: June, 2018

Desperately Seeking Derek Lastname [TeeCoZee’s NL Roundup May 2018]


Zook and I used to have a game. Actually, calling it a game would be an exaggeration. It was more of a challenge, something to exercise our dumb wit and keen eye for… Continue reading

Anthony Gose Decided To Be a Pitcher and I Can’t Even Reinvent My Breakfast Routine


It happened while I was walking down the sidewalk to the deli to stock up on a few more bottles of my favorite chalky breakfast replacement liquid, Soylent, that I saw a man,… Continue reading

In Which Things Get Nautical [TeeCoZee’s AL Roundup May 2018]


I’ve spent a good portion of my life trying to sell things that people don’t want. Remember Chia Pods? Oatgurt? Sparkling Coconut Water? The California Angels of Los Anaheim? Probably not, because I… Continue reading