Monthly Archive: November, 2017

Free Wine Blog IX: Crocodile Dundee I


This is not to be confused with a Free Wine Blog/A Wine Blog That Is Free. The wine is free, but the blog is going to cost you. Don’t worry, I’ll send you… Continue reading

I’d Rather Ask My Doctor [Friday Thoughts w/ TeeCoZee]


Good Moleman. You call that a knife? This is a knife. It’s Friday, November 17, Two Thousand and Seventeen. The weather in Brooklyn is 41˚ & Pantone 17-4245 and somewhere, somebody is trying… Continue reading

Thoughts and Prayers factory struggling to meet demand


Thoughts and Prayers factory LLC in Springfield, Nebraska, is struggling to keep pace with the sheer demand of orders flooding in from across the United States and, increasingly, from around the globe. “It’s… Continue reading