Monthly Archive: January, 2017

2017 City Look-Ahead Part Two: Oakland, Philadelphia and New York.


Thank you for returning, really, thank you. Now on to part two of the 2017 city food and neighborhood look-ahead where some of my friends/chummy internet acquaintances share their thoughts on their favorite,… Continue reading

2017 Local Food Look-Ahead Part One


In the spring of 2004 I purchased a parody guide called, The Hipster Handbook. Having no sense of satire, or place in the world, I spent months pouring over each section learning, aping,… Continue reading

I’d Rather Wear A T-Shirt [Friday Thoughts W/ TeeCoZee]


Good Moleman. You’re reading the wine list, sir. Very good. It’s Friday, January 6, Two Thousand Seventeen. The weather in Brooklyn is 35˚ & Pantone 292U and somewhere, somebody is trying to remember… Continue reading