Trolling Williamsburg/Bushwick/The Mission/Silver Lake/Eco Park/Wicker Park/West Town



PDF version

In a rut? Want some excitement? Then print out this PDF and staple it to telephone polls (or you can tape it up) in your local hip neighborhood. Be apart of something, reclaim your favorite hangouts.

Why not encourage them to take a vacation from it all and go to a place that has all the raw materials and none of the noise? That timid starry eyed hipster, with guts, determination and a little cash can start a new life perusing his/her dream in an open city. A place where, if you work hard and have some money, you can open a restaurant for $60k or a brewery for $40k. A place where it’s not who you know, but what you can do. Why not be an active fish in a growing pond, instead of prey in the ocean? Why Not Spend Your Parent’s Money in Detroit?

Links for Starting a Food Business in Detroit

Detroit Incubators

Detroit Start Up List