I’d Rather Use Lint [Friday Thoughts With TeeCoZee]

Oh, hi there. It’s Friday, November 8, Two Thousand and Thirteen. And I have a few things on my mind.

– Whenever I count a massive quantity of loose coins, I want nothing more than to be playing a video game. Something simple and relaxing like Harvest Moon. Considering that I count loose change an upwards to 10 times a day, playing video games is something that takes up a large portion of my headspace. But then, every night, I have no desire to play video games. Instead, I just get lost on the Information Superhighway or fall asleep watching train videos. The next day, the cycle begins anew.

– I find it really difficult to block people on Facebook. Even when all they post about is guns, dogs and Obama being a Muslim, I still find them to be an integral part of my Facebook feed. There’s even a person on my feed that I want to have an argument with every time he/she posts a single word, which is frequently. It’s all part of my masochistic relationship with Facebook; part of the reason why I browse it is so I can see the lives of long-lost acquaintances and realize that my life is still better. Not only is it a self-esteem booster, but it also helps me to stay off the Facebooks.

– I don’t understand why it’s called the Sega Genesis in North America but the Sega Megadrive everywhere else. Was Sega of America really hellbent on getting endorsements [that never materialized] from Phil Collins? Don’t get me wrong, the name Genesis totally sold me. When I was 4 years old, Genesis was the coolest band in my universe. So, of course, a system named after them was going to be my first option. I would have dreams about playing Sonic The Hedgehog, but since I had never played it before, the music was a digitized muzak version of “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. I highly doubt that was what Sega intended when naming it The Genesis.

– Peanut butter is stupid. Fucking pointless.

– We have a letter from Kevin P in Boulder, CO:

Dear Coze,

I’ve worked very hard to be where I am. I have a secure position being the assistant manager at a Buffalo Wild Wings and my wife just gave birth to our third child, a beautiful girl named Emerald. Just thought I would like to share.

See Ya,
Kevin P


– I got the idea to download Tinder last night. For those who don’t know, Tinder is a mixture between OKCupid and Chat Roulette. Basically, you swipe through people based on profile pictures alone [because you’re not going to have anything in common] and if you both approve each other, you can meet up for a one night stand or Bingo Night or something. The whole thing is a little creepy [especially when they tell you how far away these people are], but hell, I was bored. I took a deep breath, opened the app, browsed through 30 or so girls and rejected all of them. I rejected them because they’re using an app like Tinder. I immediately deleted the app. The whole adventure lasted 7 minutes. I guess I’m not cut out for Hook-Up Apps.

– Try a little experiment this weekend: Take an object that you’re going to need to use in a few days and put it in a place that it isn’t normally at. Then stare at the object for a total of 10 hours over that 3 days. When you go to find that object, just see if you can, or it the object has blended into your mental background space, ceasing to be a usable object at all. This works especially well if you have a messy apartment or if you’re an idiot.

Have a Gucci Weekend.