314 Words About “Monkybread On The Keyz” by Gurgel Guew

monkeybreadWe don’t get enough curveballs thrown at us in life. If you’re sitting in your car at an intersection, chances are nobody will run up to your window and ask you to hold a bag of chimichangas for a few minutes while he makes a quick run. Micah Van Vorst and Trevor Gates would never do this to you. Not only do they drive automobiles and have the capacity to hold a greasy bag while making a run, but they also don’t have the time for that kind of nonsense. They just now found the time to follow-up their 2009 magnum-opus, “Kicking and Sleeping”. Clocking in at a staggering 9 minutes and 52 seconds, Gurgel Guew’s EP, “Monky Bread On The Keyz”, plays like a dream. But not the kind of dream where you’re floating above a garbage dump and you land to find 5 million Sega Genesis cartridges. It’s more like the dream in which you’re tied to the bed, sweating bullets, and the one dude who was the roommate of the guy that you met last year won’t stop pressing the same key on a broken Casio. The experience is imperfectly visceral and mind-numbingly thoughtful. “Yup Yup Yo” kicks it off by throwing a pie in your face and saying “sup”. “Frosting” beat your dad at poker 22 years ago, which is why you didn’t go to college. “Jerekobe” is more fun than playing Dunk Dream after 20 bong rips of Salvia. “Up On Down” is a ballad about taking a first date out to a dub step show. “A Moment Ago” will leave you wishing that Goddard still made “cool” films. “4Head” is indisputably the Best Song Ever Written™. It gives you advice for life without being too preachy. The whole album goes in one ear and out the other like an earwax cleanse. It’s loud and brief, leaving you utterly confused and begging for more. Listentothisfuckingalbumbeforeitlistenstoyou.