Help Me Become Han Solo.

Help Me Become The Next Han Solo

Help Me Become The Next Han Solo

Rumor has it that Disney is going to make a new Young Han Solo movie.

I am a professional actor named Scott Watson, and a life-long Star Wars fan. When the announcement was made that Disney might be recasting a younger actor as Han Solo in an upcoming reboot, I knew that this was a chance in a lifetime.

I can do the Kessel run in 8 parsecs, not 12. I’ve been perfecting my smirk for years. I eat carbonite for breakfast. I always shoot first. I knock a bounty hunter into the Sarlacc Pit every night before bed.

The legend of Harrison Ford coming from nowhere to land the role of Han Solo is now enshrined in movie lore. It’s only fitting that the next Han Solo be cast in the part from those same humble beginnings.

With your help, I can become Han Solo, complete with an excellent costume, a world class crew, and a blaster that may or may not actually fire lazers. We can after effect in some asteroids, or Wookiees, or Wookiees riding asteroids. The Sky is the limit.

Those of you who have been fans of baseballfordinner for some time know that we’ve run out blog ad free since day one. This time, however, the sheer magnitude of awesome that is required to make this tape successful requires me to reach out an ask for a donation. Anything helps, including as little as $1.00!

Do you want to see a crazy cool, original & blaster filled video of a Young Han Solo kicking ass and getting the girl?

Then click on the following to contribute to our Indigogo campaign-

Help Me Become Han Solo.