Pocket Philms… Boy Howdy!

So say you’ve got a minute or two to kill, and yet have nothing to entertain yourself other than the vast desert of the Interwebs.   It’s a desolate place, those darn Interwebs, full of nasty characters and situations that would make even the most mountainest of mountain men’s toes curl.  Who wants to sift through mountains of the nonsense that exists, when the Baseball for Dinner squad will dynamite the mountain so  it’ll rain gold whenever you want it to?

Gold that you can put in your pocket.

And then take it all the way to the gold exchange stand to trade for cold hard cash.

I’m not sure how they get the cash so cold and hard, but I’m thinking they deep freeze it.
Either way, the world needed a brief distraction, and Baseball for Dinner answered.  Apparently people like their Blackberry Muffins and Blueberries.   So why not use such hand-held devices to create some semblance of art.  This is the beginning of a notion of Pocket Philm Productions.  People have smart phones, and use these devices not to simply communicate with other people, so why not take it a step further and use the camera to offer a glimpse of the world around us?   After all, it stands to reason that the perfect way to capture something meant to be viewed on a hand-held device is with such a hand-held device. This is the birth of Pocket Philm Productions.  So on a day in September, the Coze and myself decided to take a subway ride to Rockaway.  The following is the first official Pocket Philm that resulted from our journey.