Ginnard’s Album of the Month (Double Feature!): Beach House and Florence and the Machine

*In an attempt to contribute to the ever increasing glory that is BFD I have come up with Ginnard’s Album of the Month.  An album does not have to be recently released in order to make the cut, I just have to have been listening to it a lot for the past 30 days

Because of unrelated circumstances I was unable to post an album last month, so this month I decided to give you lucky dawgs two albums to listen to.  The first, Beach House – Teen Dream, is a current favorite while Florence and the Machine – Lungs is an album I was listening to a year ago this month, but has recently been in heavy rotation.

Beach House – Teen Dream

For fans of: Cat Power, Grizzly Bear, Nico

Teen Dream is Baltimore based Beach House’s third studio album.  Their first, simply titled Beach House, and their second Devotion, both have a more surreal and lo-fi feel to them, while Teen Dream dives a little more into the duos popier side.  This probably has something to do with being signed to Sub Pop.  While both of their previous albums have received critical acclaim, Beach House made it onto Pitchforks’ Best Albums of 2006, Teen Dream is their first really cohesive album.  It is disjointed yet connected, dreamy yet solid, and unflinching in its direction and production.  A solid contender for album of the year.

Florence and the Machine – Lungs

For fans of: Feist, The Arcade Fire, Frou Frou

Florence Welch aka Florence Robot and Isabella Summers aka Isabella Machine were the original duo that comprised Florence and the Machine.  Originally they just went by the title Florence Robot/Isa Machine, and quickly got the attention of London record producers.  While Summers still plays keyboard for Florence, she has become a background entity that is pieced together by a handful of skilled and revolving musicians.  Lungs is the bands debut album and has had tremendous success in most of Europe, while a following is growing here in the states.  They have released 7 singles off the album, 54% of its entirety.  The band has told press that come October they will be back in the studio to record their sophomore album which will be dancey, dark, and feature relentless drums and heavy, droning bass.  Godspeed.