Righteously So

“Insightful and touching.  Aaron Brown puts it all out there and doesn’t look back.”  -Rolling Stone-

“This book will BLOW YOUR MIND!”  -New York Post-

“The most important work of literature to come out this week.”  -The Atlantic-

“Brown is one of those rare writers that come along just when the time and culture is ripe and ready to receive a message like his own.  Read it!  This book will change your boring, pathetic excuse for a life.”  -Larry King Live-

Amazing!  That’s right folks.  Baseball For Dinner is also endorsing this wonderful work of literature.  First time author Aaron Brown will win your heart, rattle your bones, melt your mind and tickle your nose with this one!  The excerpts below are just the tip of the iceberg.

“I can get to here to there and over yonder and back again before you can even get out your door.”  pg. 87

“A wise man once told me, ‘The penis mightier!’  So I decided to write.”  pg. 2

“Just because I ride a bicycle doesn’t make me any less of a ninja than you.”  pg. 1104

“All the best presidents had one syllable names; Kennedy, Clinton, Bush…”  pg. 230

So buy your copy today and join the conversation, it’s certain to be an interesting and memorable one.  And ONLY one damnit!