Ginnard’s Album of the Month: The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme

*In an attempt to contribute to the ever increasing glory that is BFD I have come up with Ginnard’s Album of the Month.  An album does not have to be recently released in order to make the cut, I just have to have been listening to it a lot for the past 30 days.

The Radio Department – Clinging to a Scheme

For fans of: Broken Social Scene, The Most Serene Republic, VHS or Beta

Blending together lo-fi vocals, upbeat tempos, and quirky yet hypnotic guitar rhythms this Swedish trio has really hit upon a catchy combination with Clinging to a Scheme.  There is a healthy mix of danceable tracks (Heavens on Fire, The Video Dept) and soothing electro-pop (You Stopped Making Sense, Domestic Scene) that really gives the album a balanced feel to it.

The problem I feel that bands like The Radio Dept. run into most often is letting their vocals run too high in the mix, distracting from the actual music.  That is a key aspect in why I enjoy this album so much.  There are long stints of pure melody where vocals just aren’t meant to tread, where you are simply meant to enjoy without impeding words getting in your way.  Grab some nice headphones and enjoy the layering, and try not to get caught up in understanding their lyrics too much.