Top 5 Baseballs For Dinner

BFD has provided an array of top five articles thus far.  Yet, I feel we’ve missed an important one.  BFD’s Top 5 Baseballs For Dinner (literally).  In the great wide world of sports and sporting accidents, many do not hold a candle to the awesomeness (and horribleness) of those that occur in the game of baseball.  Folks, I’ve been struck by 280 yard-carrying golf balls, I’ve taken hockey slap shots to the shins and ankles before, but I have also taken a baseball to the face.  It is down right painful.  While pucks and golf balls certainly hurt, nothing hurts quite like a blunt object to the face at high speed.  And for whatever sick reason, the face is the most likely part of the body to be severely injured during a game of baseball.  So for those readers with a low tolerance for pain and a weak stomach, WARNING:  do not watch the following top 5 baseballs for dinner (literally).

#5  Hey Pitcher, pitcher, pitcher!!!!

There is nothing quite like a baseball-eating injury.  Let’s kick off the top 5 with this little number here.  This one goes out to all the cocky pitchers who, since little league and, shit… the entire history of the sport, hog all the game play tossing the ball with the chubby kid at home plate.  Just remember, this could happen to you.

#4  Swing Batter, batter, batter!!! (I dare you)

Next up to bat is our #4 baseball for dinner (literally).  Its easy to guess who’s about to eat a baseball in this video.  However, sometimes its not the pitcher responsible for your undoing.  There’s no predicting this kind of dinner!

#3  It’s Going!  It’s Going!!  Oh Shit!!!

3rd batter up is always the big hitter, and this one is no exception.  Only in this video, none of the players have the appetite.  And who knew, they’re actually generous enough to share their meals.  Sometimes you get a better taste of the game when you’re spectating in person.  How fortunate this man is to get some leftovers!!!

#2  Good Ol’ Fashion Practice with Pa!

On deck at #2 is a little practice session.  Perhaps this video should not be allowed in this particular top 5 (no baseball is actually eaten here), but I want to demonstrate the various cuisines that are served in this dangerous sport.  The dad in this video only wants to see his kids succeed in the sport.  Perhaps he pushes them too hard, though.  Little did the poor boy know, he was chewing on his last stick of Bazooka.

#1  Run For Your Lives!!!!

Our #1 baseball for dinner (literally) is a crowd pleaser for sure!  This cleanup batter certainly knows how to clean up!  And its important to remember, just as our #3 demonstrated…… no oneis safeat a baseball game.