Video of the Week: Elementary School Scarface

After being alive for over 2 decades, I have decided that it is funny when kids act more mature when they are supposed to. I am truly not alone with this idea, as popular media has been endlessly subjecting us to kids being “cute” by acting adult, and being in such situations. The video I found for this week exposes this soft spot in the heart of every parent that vies to see his/her son/daughter/someone else’s kid acting out adult lines. However, instead of working day jobs, paying bills, or having marital disputes, they are dealing cocaine.

This seems to be a very harmless rendition of the final showdown in Scarface, but the portrayal by these children rub me in different wrong ways. It does sometimes make me sick how we manipulate the minds of children. We teach them to believe that cocaine is bad, but then when pretending to deal with it, it’s replaced by popcorn. Now, I may not be a kid anymore, but I do happen to know that popcorn is delicious, and any child actor will immediately associate cocaine with yum.  Also, children should be taught to embrace the marriage of a sibling, and not try to shoot anyone who tries to get inside said sibling’s pants. The message displayed on the wall, “The World Is Yours”, is a battle cry to a generation of kids that are unable to share, or coexist. I’m sure there’s also some issues regarding how kids view other races. Overt satisfaction of violence. I don’t know.

Maybe it’s just really fucking hilarious.

But disturbing at the same time.

-Le Cose.