BfD “U-Decide!” 2010

So it’s time to hit the polls and be a part of Baseball for Dinner FAME! We don’t usually allow you to participate and feel like you’re part of something, but when we do, it’s big.

We’ve decided to share with you, the faithful disciple, a rare glimpse of our website’s statistics. It’s a little known fact that a good portion of our website’s hits come not from returning fans, but people who don’t know they’re fans yet. That’s right; there are internet users out there who use search engines to look for things of interest and serendipitously stumble upon us. As our content grows, our accidental hits grow. It’s really quite fun misleading people without even trying!

So now we need YOUR HELP! Below is an interactive poll to vote on your favorite search result from the last 30 days that led an unsuspecting web surfer to BfD. Hit that vote button and keep looking out for the final results! After the votes are in, the winning majority will be rewarded with a Special Post!!

You’d think we were dripping with pornographic content here at Baseball For Dinner, but that’s the best part about accidental web traffic! Everyone knows that we’re as wholesome and family-friendly as the Disney Corp. So let the results fly in! Godspeed, friends!