Peking Chinese Restaurant, A Review

Location: 1439 S Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain, MI

American Chinese restaurants always seem to get scrutinized. Many people joke, or at least think they are only joking, about the addition of animals that Americans would rather not eat, including faithful, family companions such as cats and dogs. The cuisine is also occasionally called out for not being anything like real Chinese food, and simply being an American substitute for it, often critical of all the meat and fattening additions. This article is not going to talk about any of that. In fact, I don’t give a crap. It is necessary to write a review about this particular restaurant because its food is so freakin delicious.

This buffet-style Chinese restaurant has been a long standing staple in the bustling twin cities of Iron Mountain / Kingsford. It has been here since I can remember, and has even switched locations. It has two rival restaurants in the area, but never fails to deliver. It is one of the best buffet-style, Chinese restaurants that I have ever been to. In the beginning, I thought that maybe I was just partial, being a frequent patron, like a person who is partial to their own mother’s meatloaf; however, I don’t think that this is the case after conferring with several other patrons. In fact, this restaurant received four out of five “oh my gosh this is really incredibly and unbelievably delicious”s.

My main draw here is the consistency and variety. They always have a very large range of items on their buffet, but never have an overkill like some buffets that lead you to believe that they are just recycling throughout the week. They usually keep the staple items that one would expect to see on a buffet, changing maybe 3 to 4 of the more original dishes. Each selection is always prepared well, seasoned to perfection, and almost never over or under-cooked. The buffet itself is laid out into several sections, including a soup area, cold section, hot main-dish section, and a dessert / ice cream bar. You can also order off the menu (which I have heard many a good thing about) if you feel the buffet has nothing to offer you (unlikely).

I would like to walk you through the main highlights. The hot and sour soup is always a favorite to start, giving just the right amount of kick requiring you to take an extra sip of your warm, black tea. They also offer egg drop for those who have a milder palette. Which leads me to another great thing about this restaurant – the options. Their spread includes many veggie and meat dishes, as well as rices, egg rolls, Chinese doughnuts, and other glorious surprises.  I love their noodles, no mushiness, mildly salty, and crunchy veggies, and to pair this with a few different choices makes the perfect course.

DeliciousNow, I need to talk about the crab rangoons. Be sure to try one while you are there, because this will make your first experience at Peking a very memorable and incredible one. Easily, the best I have ever eaten – I have never found another that compares. They are perfect from first to last, and I always eat at least three. My sister once ate 15 in one sitting, not an exaggeration. There is a simple way to really experience their genius. Begin by pulling on opposite corners of the cream cheese and crab filled bliss, and tear it into two pieces. You will find yourself confronted by a creamy textured filling, that will be surrounded by a crunchy pastry. Try to get a bite that combines both worlds, crunchy and creamy. The filling in Peking’s rangoons are unlike any other I have ever tried, not too sweet or salty, nor are they blah. In fact, I could eat a few right now. Delicious.

The only thing I would like changed is the privacy level. It’s entirely open, so that everyone has access to the buffet. It’s a good and bad thing at the same time, because of the guilt factor if you visit the buffet an abnormal amount of times. Someone will undoubtedly notice, and give you the fatty fatty fatkins look.

Peking is a successful Chinese restaurant. The food is delicious, the people are friendly, and the service is always on top of things (removing your plates after you are completely done, not taking it away from you mid-meal). I highly recommend incorporating it into your next visit to the Iron Mountain / Kingsford area.

4 out of 5 “oh my gosh this is really incredibly and unbelievably delicious”s.