Just shut up right now.  This has nothing to do with your TV show.  You know, the one where people get LOST on this desert island, and they’re all stressed out because they’ve LOST their way and have no idea where they are, because they’re fuck you?

No.  I’ve written a free-verse poem, entitled LOST. I think it’s a terrible name to be honest, but in thinking of a name,”lost” came to mind, and I immediately thought “no way, that TV show is called LOST.”  Well, I’m not gonna let the man beat me like that.  I’m gonna name my poem whatever the hell I want!  

Anyhow, this poem is inspired by a couple mentioned in a short sci-fi story I read a while ago.  This poem is written from the viewpoint of the person who is…well…LOST.  I will not divulge the nature of his predicament, however.  I leave it to your interpretation…or you can just ask me.   Also, while it is of a romantic nature, I did not intend to line this up with Valentine’s Day.  However, I have since decided to dedicate this post to none other than TeeCoZee.

I hope you all read this without thinking of that fucking TV show, and that you also realize why engineers should not be allowed to write what they claim to be poetry. Enjoy.

A world between us
Two points along a great circle, fixed.
No nearer does time draw us (an agent of no one’s will)
Yet we are not lost from hope’s reach,
Its warm embrace
As it blindly fumbles each night
Through lover’s loney thoughts,
Though never to linger…

But your world now finds me elsewhere– removed.
Upon a circle strange, and far greater than any we have ever known.
Each window’s offering, an endless sigh
A million miles, a million years.
Ah, but I know which star is you!
Its waxing mirrors that of my pain,
Its waning, that of my strength.
It is my love.  It is my life.
Not lost…but forever beyond my grasp.

I am that light, lover, travelling across your midnight sky
Faster than any dream, any hope,
Any design of man’s greatest mind.
But not faster than memory, than love itself.
These ties, however stretched and fatigued, remain…will always remain
Through the dimmest hour, and onto daybreak
The new dawn– that promised new beginning
That will bind our circles once more,
Never to part again.

“I will touch the stars, or I will die trying,” I promised.
Alas, it is your star that vanishes
As darkness finally begins to overcome.
Hope does not find me here-
Occupied, I am sure, which keeping you warm this very night.

-the engineer