Why I Don’t Particularly Want to Own a TV

I’m currently watching The World Series.

And it’s February.

No, it’s not a classic game like the 1984 one where Alan Trammel led the Tigers to victory over the Padres. It’s a live game. The answer is pretty simple, if you can get past your American-egocentrism. There are places outside the grand ol’ US of A that enjoy playing baseball. And some of them are in a tropical or subtropical climate.

Of course it’s the 52nd Annual Caribbean World Series. And Right now Puerto Rico leads three-nothing over the Dominican Republic in the bottom of the first. And I very well could stay here and watch the rest of the game, not knowing any of the players, but arbitrarily deciding someone is an asshole based on his performance and the the chatter of the announcers. I’m not sure maybe this post will simply turn into an analysis of the game, or maybe just my thoughts about the game and its commercials, similar to the social experiment El Cozo ran with Twitter and back to back episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. All I know is that I’ve felt the urge to write for a while, but can’t seem to find subject matter. I feel shamed as my cohorts continue to pump out award-winning journalism and make grown men weep with the pure beauty of their words.

Apparently the doctor order the ol’ shut down. I though the doctor ordered a nice cold beverage with 23 flavors performing a subtle ballet on your pallet. Guess I was mistaken.

I wonder how much tickets for the Caribbean World Series run… Looks like the stands are pretty empty. Seems if you could afford to go to the Caribbean in February, this would be a good way to spend an afternoon, out doors in the sunshine with a nice cold beer or five, (or maybe a nice Margarita, considering that’s the island off of Venezuela that the game is being played on) and some of America’s pastime in foreign soil.

Of course the MLB network has Viagra commercials. Makes sense. But I’m a little bit confused by the inclusion of the Hannah Montana spot. Or maybe not, looking at the target demographic of 35 plus males…

“In theory, they should of have gotten a three up three down inning, but basically they fucked it up.If only they wouldn’t have walked Abreu.” So I paraphrased the announcer a bit, but that was the general gist. Yes, that’s what would have happend if they struck him out instead of walking him, but what an asinine comment. If announcers followed up on every theoretical thing that could happen in a game, we would hear about an endless stream of every game ever.

Good thing for the Dominicans that Abreu runs like he’s got a trailer attached to his butt, and gets easily thrown out trying to steal second. Getting them out of that situation. Which was more routine baseball than a conundrum. The bases weren’t loaded, there wasn’t even a man in scoring position. Man, now I remember why I think most if not all sports announcers are idiots. And how I’m jealous of them and their careers.

I’m glad I had to go out and try out some beds, or else I would have spent another hour watching this, and only miss the Dominican Republic score two runs. Top of the 6th, Puerto Rico leads 3 – 2, no outs.

I suppose it’s time I work on something with some substance, like how I’m going to live for the next six months, and hopefully find some sort of employment, preferably in the film and video industry. So peace out for now, loyal BfD readers.

– Roscoe