Monthly Archive: February, 2010

The BfD Reunion Conference 2010: Sunday! [GuzLooTron 2010, A Glossy Original Roscoe, and Stir Fry Sunday]


Sunday started out kind of sluggishly, with the Coze having an impromptu bookkeeping session in the wee hours of the morning. It went on for 9 fucking hours. This pushed back the main… Continue reading

The Shanty Shaker From Monkey Town: A Memoir


Have you ever tried to indulge some secret desire? Given in to a little voice somewhere that keeps telling you to just go ahead and join that Mail-In Harmonic Convergence Study Group? Perhaps… Continue reading

The BfD Reunion Conference 2010: Saturday! [Shutter Island, Saturday Drivers, and Nintendo]


For some, day 2 of the BfD Reunion Convention started early. For the others, it started late. Because of this, the Convention must have started late, as the early tasks of the day… Continue reading

The BfD Reunion Conference 2010: Friday! [Pre-Conference Ceremonies, Under Siege 2 & Tylenol PMs]


BfD kicked off its first annual convention today, with much fanfare and style hosted by the GR chapter. The tone throughout the entire event was that of optimism and looking forward to the… Continue reading

Under Siege: A Review


IF YOU LIKE THIS POST, VISIT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR What makes an Action Hero? Charisma? Martial Arts Domination? Sex Appeal? A ponytail? Only one man has all these and more!… Continue reading

Peking Chinese Restaurant, A Review


Location: 1439 S Stephenson Ave, Iron Mountain, MI American Chinese restaurants always seem to get scrutinized. Many people joke, or at least think they are only joking, about the addition of animals that… Continue reading

Top 5 albums from metal-influenced bands that have since released 2 more full-length albums, put on a great live show and…oh, of whom you’ve probably never heard


That’s right.  I said it.  You have probably never heard of these bands. I know you like to think of yourself of a music aficionado, and that’s OK, I’m not trying to one-up… Continue reading

Caught Between Worlds 4


This article is a follow up on an ongoing investigation into a charred manuscript found in the rubble of a burnt apartment building.



Just shut up right now.  This has nothing to do with your TV show.  You know, the one where people get LOST on this desert island, and they’re all stressed out because they’ve… Continue reading

Baseball For Dinner Presents: How To Build A Dolly

by presents the first installment of a How To series aimed at teaching you, the at-home viewer, how to do things that you are otherwise too stupid or inept to do. In Episode… Continue reading