Poem #18

I sip from a plastic cup.
All things considered, not bad!  It’s clean tasting.  Refreshing.
I take another sip.  Not bad at all.

And that’s how it should taste really.  Not bad at all.
For if it were any worse or better,
the taste wouldn’t be quite the same.

I gulp.  That’s good.
Its even better.  I dare say this ain’t the same drink!
The ice cubes settle before I take another.

This time a swig.  Tastes rich!
It hurts like the grip of a lover.
My eyes swim as I feel the floor.

One foot down.  Always does the trick.
My mind’s aloof but I’m still winning.
I know I’m still winning.

And why not one more swig?  It’s my right!
The clock has stopped ticking anyways,
and the night has been fine.  Not bad at all.