Video of the Week: “Garbage Day”

This is a new thing I’m trying out that I think will be easy to maintain, or at least easier and more interesting than NFL Roundups (which should be making a return come playoff time…or sooner).

Although hardly anybody showed up to my Silent Night, Deadly Night marathon, (and although we only watched 3 of the 5 movies) many people were pleased to find this little gem buried deep within the length of a mind-numbingly horrible movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.

This movie is actually the product of of a mistake, believe it or not. The director of the first film took it into the hands of two others, telling them to recut the movie into the fantasy of a man in an insane asylum. However, they wrote in scenes like this, and eventually, the movie became a sequel, with 45 minutes of the original movie spliced inside. This scene, however, is the product of nothing that has anything to do with Christmas. But then again, neither did the sequel itself. Whoops. It was also brought to my attention that the car that explodes gets really really fucking close to hitting the stuntman. This is a thought provoking and heartfelt scene of a man that has had enough of the world telling him who his girl has slept with. These things happen all the time. Even in your neighborhood.

Naughty! Punish! Coze!