Caught Between Worlds 2

Caught between worlds indeed.  Moved by our subject and what may have been his last words, I felt pressed to continue the BFD investigation.  After thoroughly examining the charred manuscript, I am compelled to report new findings and continue what, now, is not only an investigation.  It is also a manhunt!

Lets briefly re-iterate key components of the original manuscript found and, specifically, what we know:

1)  Subject is semi-suicidal.  Is he actually deceased?  No bodily remains have been found, so a successful suicide is not yet evident.  I am not convinced that our subject intended to end his own life.  More on this in a moment.

2)  Concerned about issues of originality and social norms.  The suggested reason for suicide attempt.  Originality is a notion which seems to consume our subject’s mind.  He is preoccupied with a belief in some major declination of originality.  Our subject also harbors a personal disdain for social norms.  Who here at BFD does not?  We sympathize.

3)  Fan of such classic artists like The Doors.  What possible insight can The Doors provide us in this investigation?!  More than you think, my dear readers.

Lets begin with, “This is the end.  My friend.”  The song that closed the band’s last set ever, surely a fit beginning to a suicide letter.  Yet, our subject is trying, even in the first line, to achieve something else entirely than what is typical of a suicide letter.  Suicide letters usually include an apology, a short list of final wishes, or perhaps a clear explanation and reason for committing oneself to eternal sleep.  The burnt manuscript found is far from achieving any of these ends.  The copy is more of a poetic rant, much of it veiled and cryptic.  We are given clues into his life, some subtle and other blunt, yet none suggest a committed desire to end that life.  BFD team members and readers can safely assume that this is not a suicide note we are dealing with.

So why quote The Doors?  Our subject is not only well versed in such classics, but he seems to compare himself to such great and renown artists.  He even references “Straight No Chaser”, a classic jazz composition by the American jazz giant, Thelonious Monk.  Moreover, Monk was acclaimed specifically for his improvisational prowess.  An appropriate reference, I think, for someone who doubts his own creative ability. 

A more blunt clue; Becky Jones.  Who is Becky Jones?  The question harassed me for some time.  Given the tone of this particular section of copy, Jones seems to be a close and personal acquaintance to our subject.  He alludes to a chastising exchange with Jones, which suggests an established, at least platonic relationship.  So why give her full name in a seemingly meaningless rant of angst?

Clues!  Our subject is giving us clues!  Depressed, forlorn, and bitter he may be.  However, despite suggesting it himself, he is no fool.  After reading the manuscript, BFD’s bureau of Data & Information Exchange (DIE) was employed to locate any and all persons with the name Rebecca Jones.  The operation was a crapshoot, until DIE uncovered a Rebecca Jones of New Orleans, LA.  The connection?  The city itself.  The Doors last performed at the Warehouse in New Orleans, a dismal show where Jim Morrison suffered a mental breakdown on stage.  The band members determined that Morrison was officially retired from live performance, signifying the end itself for the band.  Coincidence???  We thought so, too.  Then a tremendous break through in the investigation slapped us in the face!  “Holy shit” the DIE collectively thought, as we poured over employment records of New Orleans residents with the name Rebecca Jones.  One in particular, we found, is the Artistic Director for the jazz performance college program at Loyola University New Orleans.  The program is entitled the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Holy shit, indeed!!!  We have already dispatched agents to Loyola University campuses in New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York City in order to apprehend Ms. Rebecca “Becky” Jones.  New developments will be posted here at BFD after questioning and formal statements have been made.  If anyone has warranted information to share, you are expected to do so!  Our subject may not in fact be deceased, as he may want us to believe.  As of right now he is at large among us, perhaps using Owen as an alias, and is a possible danger to himself and others.  The burning curiosities at BFD wish to reach the heart and soul of this mystery.  Help us!