The Modern Nomad

In this crazy fast-paced world we live in, more and more people are returning to a nomadic type of existence, never really settling down in one place but instead constantly traveling across the globe. There’s actually a good chance that you or someone close to you may be a follower of the great nomadic tradition that dates back to the dawn of time. It seems wanderlust  still runs rampant in our gene pool, and I for one, am for it.

Unfortunately, current trends in society have led people to look down on the nomad lifestyle; a positive focus has been placed on settling down and working to own a house. This has caused drifters, hobos and traveling salesmen to get a bad reputation, and has undermined their lifestyle choice and noble traditions.

Throughout the ages, nomads have found ways of blending in with society, making it appear as if they have some place to call their own so as to not draw attention to their chronic homelessness. This has led to many innovations we take for granted today, including juggling, water skiing, and baking. The advances in communication technology have allowed modern nomads to continue to lead lives that appear normal to outside viewers. With their Blueberries and eyePhones, modern-day hobos can stay “in the loop,” connected “through the grapevine,” and “on top of the trampoline;” all without having the comfort of a home to call their own.

Despite the stigma associated with these wanders, don’t fret; they can still be productive members of society and captains of commerce and industry. There are no more walls in today’s World Wide Webverse, which suits these transients just fine. In this glass-house economy, vagabond and vagrants get to throw the first stone. I guess it’s pretty easy to chuck rocks at buildings when you don’t have an abode of your own.