Some Random Thoughts That Come To Mind While Reading About Loneliness

– My beard really needs a combing

– I don’t own any Charlie Parker Records

– These potatoes taste good when being burped up

– Whenever I crave a bagel, I get halfway through when I stop eating and wonder why I am consuming a bagel. Then it gets cold.

– I am a sufferer of Neurotic Loneliness.

– Is sufferer a word?

– I really should write something today.

– This site needs to be promoted on more bathroom walls.

– This writing generalizes a feeling of loneliness. I’m not sure if this is any good.

– Man, a bagel sounds good.

– With some sort of garlic cream cheese.

– Do they make garlic cream cheese?

– Man.

– I need to stop drinking.

– Thank you Joe, for letting me babysit your copy of “Kind of Blue”. He is being well-fed.

– I’ve been forgetting to take my vitamins for 3 months straight. I no longer am a taker of vitamins.

– I should really start focusing on loneliness.

– Maybe I’m not lonely enough to care.

– Wait, yes, yes I am.

– Maybe we should have bagels at stir fry night.

– I wonder if people would notice if I mixed in bagel chunks and tried to pass them off as dumplings.

– You fuckers don’t know what I put in my stir fry.

– It rhymes with pee.

– A lot of things rhyme with pee.

– Wait, who am I talking to.

– Fuck, I better re-read this page.

He needs a beyond in which to validate himself, but the object becomes his all, so that he has little capacity to tolerate himself unless he is continually immersed in others.

– Shit.

– Maybe I AM lonely.

– I should write out my thought patterns and reveal them to the world.

– Yes, that’s the answer.

– Sex.

– Pure sex.

– Bagels.

– A cheese fry-bagel concoction.

– Oui.

– D’accord, je dois ecrire maintenant.