Wha Happen?

Wha happen to Baseball For Dinner? Hijacked? Pirates? Corporate Espionage?! We’ve been Shanghaied!!!!

Give me a large dose of David Arnold’s Casino Royale soundtrack, and I’m likely to get a little on edge. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend purchasing it here. It mixes modern orchestral movements with classic Bond themes with magnificent finesse. Really, it’s probably just some Carnegie Melon flunky whose sister married Seiji Ozawa’s prize racing steed, but to the layperson’s ear, who can tell the difference?

What am I getting at? Is Baseball For Dinner: Beta similar? Let’s be honest. Our ratings have dipped below failing levels. Ain’t no one reading the blog. There was a heyday, sure, when we’d get close to a hundred hits in a week once in a while. I can accept the fact that the core fan base was a little hesitant to immerse themselves in low-brow sarcasm and satire on September 11’s Patriot Day (zero hits) – but even the most stubborn egomaniacs must admit when something’s gotta give.

So it was me, all right?! I changed the face of Baseball For Dinner: Beta! I accept full responsibility for this act of indiscretion. To be fair, I didn’t know that the old standby has since been removed from the available themes when I applied this new incongruous facade. Save your fretting in full, for baseballfordinner.com is still on its way (though skepticism is reaching a formidable snowball effect), but for the die hards out there who still need their weekly dose of the blog, let’s hear what you have to say.

We’ve never done this before, but BFD has always been about pushing boundaries. Give me a piece of your mind for my peace of mind. Things are changing around here; we’ll see what twists and turns BFD is about to take.