Daily Archive: October 6, 2009

From Getting High with Technology to Saving the Humanity from Becoming Mindless Drones: An Apple Story


In recent years, Apple has tried to reach across the great Mac PC divide, with a series of tactful ads showcasing their more casual atmosphere conducive to creativity and individuality, while helping continue… Continue reading

Local Homeless Vendor Finds New Way of Cooking; Marketing Scheme


–Eastmanville, CA For the past few weeks, a local street vendor has been offering his customers something that supermarkets have been offering for over 20 years, but with a twist of culture. Mario… Continue reading

Wha Happen?


Wha happen to Baseball For Dinner? Hijacked? Pirates? Corporate Espionage?! We’ve been Shanghaied!!!! Give me a large dose of David Arnold’s Casino Royale soundtrack, and I’m likely to get a little on edge.… Continue reading