Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers Spotted At Kirk Park (UPDATE)

Few BFD loyalists may remember this story from early July, in which several eyewitnesses claimed to see the stars of the hit television sitcom, Step By Step, relaxing at the beach on a hot summers day. This story can now bear more authenticity, with the help of the work of a true pervert.

Last week, I received an anonymous message containing nothing but a picture.

Look Familiar?

Although we could all be wrong, I contacted the eyewitnesses, and they all agree that this is a picture of them at the beach that day. Judging from the picture, Patrick appears to be in a very tense state of relaxation, as Suzanne appears to be knocked out. Whether or not she is relaxed because of the abuse of prescription drugs is indeterminate. Regardless, there is now proof that

a. Celebrities are real people that enjoy relaxing
b. On screen relationships turn into better relationships offscreen
and c. They have become such big figures in society that they actually have stalkers following them around, taking pictures, and sending them to me so I can exploit them.

More news will be written as it develops, and rest assured it most likely will. This is the most action this town has seen since the time Ving Rhames was spotted at the farmers market.


Special thanks to Laura Geiken for the anonymous tip