The Threads of Our Lives

Throughout my life, I have come into close proximity to potential other versions of myself, not only seeing doppelgangers, but actually interacting and holding conversation with them. These instances have brought forth have made me question the linear nature of time as we experience it; maybe time is more fluid than what our minds can grasp. Maybe we’re engulfed in a Celtic knot of life, sharing the threads of souls interwoven to allow us to interact with what we would perceive as alternate versions of ourselves from the past, present and future.

I wonder if certain people share soul threads, so you can talk to someone that at the basic essence is basically you. Gives a new take on the term soul-mate. I bet the condition of the world would be a different place in how people treated one another if there was a chance that part of their very being was connected to those around them. A lot more humanitarian efforts would probably exist, and conditions around the world would be better for everyone.

Too bad part of being human is being selfish and conniving; why is it in our basic constitution to look out for ourselves first and foremost, even at the expense of other creatures, including human beings? People have the capacity for empathy and kindness, but usually these are offered up as exemplary specimens of humanity, not your everyday garden-variety Tom, Dick, or Harry. It seems to motivate us we need a vested interest in the issue, and if our soul was scattered across the world, I’d like to think the world as a whole would be less harsh and more forgiving.

But I digress.

This is supposed to be about doppelgangers.

One person that comes to mind as an alternate version of myself comes from my time in college, and more importantly, through my friendship with one PK. Part of what set off the notion inside my head comes from the fact that PK and his brother DK are very similar not only in appearance but also in mannerisms. Enough so when the two of them get together anyone can tell that they are siblings. Now, occasionally DK would come to visit myself and PK, and bring his friend Paulberg. Paulberg and I look somewhat alike, but not like PK and DK. But some of his expressions and the way he held himself made me feel like I was looking in a mirror, albeit a mirror that aged me a good five years.

On multiple occasions I had almost convinced myself that DK and Paulberg were future versions of PK and myself, and found  myself sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what brought them to the past. Were they here to prevent a wrongful death or to give us insight in a better way of living? But then the daydream ends and they’re here to celebrate (or is it commiserate?) the end of summer with one last gin and tonic. Well, future selves, pour that G & T, you know how we like them, probably better than we do ourselves.