Bruce Willis’s Career Indicator of End of Times

Bruce Willis has done his share of sci-fi and action films with numbers in the title, almost to the point beyond believability. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that if Bruce Willis signs up for films featuring the numbers eight and eleven in their title anytime soon, you might want to get your affairs in order and say your goodbyes to this world. This idea comes from the prophecy of 1497, which predicts “a man that doesn’t appear to age will entertain the masses until the zodiac signs are all filled, leading to chaos and the end of times.” Good thing that Mr. Willis didn’t get cast in 8mm and Ocean’s 11.  Give it time though, and soon enough you’ll see Mr. Willis in an action paced mystery entitled “8/11,” where he has a month to stop 9/11 before it happens. I for one am glad that he’s the last boyscout, maybe he can find a way to prevent disaster, as he’s done so many times before.

The Films

1. The First Deadly Sin – 1980
2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder – 1990
3. Die Hard” With a Vengeance AKA Die Hard 3 – 1995
4. Four Rooms – 1995
5. The Fifth Element – 1997
6. The Sixth Sense – 1999
7. Lucky Number S7evin — 2006
8.       ?
9. The Whole Nine Yards – 2000
10. The Whole Ten Yards – 2004
11.     ?
12. Twelve Monkeys – 1995