A Late Night Query


3:08 am.

I just blow an ash off of my keyboard. And here we go. It’s rather difficult to type while your stone, tired, maybe intoxicated with alcohol (depending on tolerance level), and well, … So yeah, I’m here, and here to talk to you about the importance of knowing about the existence of one’s self. Because that is all there is. That is all there is? No. And yes. But we’ll get to that. What I’m here to explain to the best of my knowledge that it is incredible important that one know the absolute truth of the outside world and the ever vast world that is inside.

You see, to really know the outside world is to know it as the absolute truth of what it is. What it is, is basically what we call the science. To know what is really around us, I think that we must not take into consideration of the myths, religions, beliefs, Gods of the world. But merely only see. You must see and then interpret, not based on something that can be true or false in our mind. There must a fact proven. In proving this, only know what you can see, touch, smell, etc. It’s almost if Neo was trying to relearn and believe the Matrix after knowing the truth. It is basic. It is nature. It is concert. Now, maybe the Matrix example was a slightly bad example because this basic, nature form of reality is real in all forms that we will live our lives. It is something that no one can really escape for a lifetime. It is there, just as our minds are also there.


What is important for both parties defending or thinking one way or another (everything is science or everything is religion) is that everyone must admit that both sides are there. Both arguments are there, and with good sources. What I mean by sources is that the science, concert part of reality is just that. It’s solid, it’s matter, the Earth rotates around the Sun. And the religious side is not using information written down in books or preached to us as evidence. History as is stands right now in religious groups can neither be completely proven or disproven, only felt. There will be no real conclusion on the subject because of the mere fact that the discussion is only relative. It is relative because those beliefs, those books are creations of a man’s brain. Be it illusion or memory, memories can still be distorted. And not necessarily distorted by the actual events that went on, but because of man’s ability to see and hear what he wants to hear; then that man tells a story. We understand the concept, now, of being able to talk to one’s self. We understand that even if we think that someone else is talking to us it is quite possible that it is only our own ambition, optimism, depression, faith, or boredom that really is. It is because of science that we can understand this. At this moment I am not disputing whether people have actually heard another being talk to them only in their head. This cannot be completely disproven considering the research and evidence found about the supernatural and other unexplained documented experiences. The only point is to acknowledge that there is something there in this world that we can not explain. There may other realms, so they say. And hell, there might actually be a God that controls everything. But I do guarantee that if there is a God there is no way that anything that organized religion and religious books say about this God is right. Religions as written down or preached contradict each other every day. And some of the people that follow these so called religions can be the most hypocritical, dangerous people in the world. Again, I say only some. Religion is a grand thing. It’s something that we can’t explain, but can give us faith in the world; Both worlds. What we are as the human race, with our knowledge and basic instincts, don’t understand is that there must be a balance between these two very different philosophies. One side can be proven with enough time and experimentation; and the other can be a force so powerful that even the Sun can’t have a say. And above all, both can be destructive. Both beliefs are destructive. Some can believe that the Earth is the Earth, humans were meant to become the superior race, and we can use the planet and everything on it at our own dispense. Others can believe that everything that we know, don’t know, may know, and can never know is in the hand of the one and only God, or maybe even a few Gods. They believe in conscious beings that they can not logically defend or understand.


What I’ve come to so far is that with an understanding and balanced knowledge of both worlds you can then start to realize and appreciate what both sides can bring, and do, to the world.


I think that what religion started out as, is what true religion is. It is only a feeling that we get, as humans. That’s it. But what happened is that some of the first people, with these feelings and thoughts, is that they tried to explain them in a concert form. We have just been so eager and inpatient to find out the truth behind everything that is in our world. What we fail to do is step back and take a look at what we are actually doing. Think outside of the brain and only observe previous, current, or future thoughts. What am I doing as a human creature? Right now, I am typing, wiping my eyes, tattering my finger tips on the skin of the keys waiting for something else to happen. That is what I was doing and am doing. But what was I really doing? Let’s see, I am awake when I should be sleeping, but can’t because of boredom. I am typing this rant because the most inspiration comes to me when I am tired and some times high. But I am not high anymore, I think. And I am saying all of this because of my inability to let these “problems” of the world go. These are all opinions based on past experiences and things that I have read and interpreted. I know I could be wrong and I know I could be right. And down through the endless rabbit hole.

People try all their lives to figure out what we can’t prove then they come up with a god. Notice that is not capitalized because what we have created in our language and collective mind as a god is not what we call God. A god: creates all things, controls all things, knows all things, and some believe is all things. So god is everything. With only a thought that god can make anything happen, it is its choice. Choice? Humans make choices. There is good and bad, black and white, left and right. We perceive only a narrow spectrum of existence. To see, feel, touch, hear, taste is to observe. To observe is to think. To think is only a step to a conclusion, an understanding of a truth. A rock is hard and smashes bone; the bright circle in the sky moves around us every day. We do not control the sun but it gives us heat and light. Without it we would die. It is therefore controlling us in some way. It must be superior. It must be a god. I have just thought, but what have I really observed?


What can be called greed, I call eagerness. Humans are using their brains, but seldomly taking a step back to observe what they are thinking, and why they are thinking it. The majority of the time it is because of past experiences and knowledge picked up along the way. But the knowledge is still only perception. Since birth our brains have been on auto pilot. Even now, we are only taking in certain information – information that our brain, conscious or not, is observing, interpreting, and storing. That is our inside world. With consciousness we can filter what we want to be observed and stored. Because of this, knowledge is relative. It is so important that we observe, process, and then observe what we did process, and then try to understand what we actually observed in the first place.
This train of thought was nonexistent when humans first created gods. Throughout the history of humans we have only observed and perceived. We can control some things, and other things control us. Not to be too cliché, but what must an ant think when a foot crushes it or allows it to live? What must the other creatures around it think? Is that foot a form of a god? But we are so superior to the other creatures on this planet that we fail to see the irony in the logic of a man being a god to the ants. Of course we are not gods. We know this because we are only another living life form than can effect certain change if we desire. We are on top. Possibly, we are God to ants. So what is above us? Perhaps an ant believes that we are only bigger forms of ants. They understand themselves so much that, that is the only conclusion they can ponder. My point is that maybe humans give the gods the qualities of man because we cannot yet understand something that is superior than us. But we are eager, and we try and try. So we come up with this conscious being because that is what we are. We can think, we can make choices. So can the god. Gods have come in many different forms: the sun, water, earth, light, cats, cows, carpenters, kings, gold, and even peoples’ own souls have become gods. They are only gods because that is what has been thought of. We don’t know, but we still put a name to it.


What we cannot see is that a god can be anything and is everything. Not that some mind possesses every atom around us. It is only that everything around us seems to function and if we are living, then the god is functioning in our favor. Without taking any sort of form, function, or thought, god is what we cling too, to understand what we don’t. The funny thing about language is that I don’t really know a word that can describe what I am trying to explain. God is language. God is thought. God is something with a name. What I think god is, is this everythingness around us that makes the ocean water blue, the trees to grow, a human to have a thought. The world will spin and nothing will have absolute control over it. Everything will only do their part. Erosion with happen, along with earthquakes. A new idea will be written, along with one that will only be know in one mind.