Murder Case Takes Unexpected Turns


It has been about one month now since the ruler of the Outworld, Raiden, was brutally murdered. The offender, Scorpion, remains at large, but not by lack of trying by the police. A week ago, police officers arrested a man at a local laundromat who they believed to be Scorpion. The man was obviously upset, and showed his rage by freezing the offenders and running away. We were able to catch up with him, and he had these hasty words to say:

“The bozo cops in this village have no idea about nuthin. I was juss doins my laundrys, and the only clothes I hads left was my halloween costume, which was just a yellow version of my clothes. I was tryin to be a bumble bee. Get it? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

There has also been the matter of the new self-appointed ruler of the Outworld, a flamboyant man that goes by the name of Shang-Tsung. He literally showed up as Raiden, claimed that the land was his, and then somehow morphed into his own form. Apparently, this is something that happens all of the time. He somehow has the ability to morph into any resident of the Outworld, living or dead. This power of manipulation made it even easier for him to steal the kingship.

Shang-Tsung, after assuming the Outworld throne

Shang-Tsung, after assuming the Outworld throne

It should be noted, however, that Shang-Tsung is not his real name. An informant from Japan claims to have seen this man before, under a different alias. A few years ago, the new Outworld ruler was seen causing rage in the streets, working as a henchman for evil billionaire, Mr. X. At this time, he went by the name of Barbon, and was constantly defeated by the likes of Axel and Skate.

The same person in 1992, assuming the name Barbon

The same person in 1992, assuming the name Barbon

There have also been reports of Raiden still being alive, after some sort of re-spawning process. Allegedly, these things happen from time to time. When someone dies in kombat, he or she may be re-spawned to fight again another day. Whether or not he plans to reclaim his throne is still left to be seen. Either way, this open-and-shut murder case seems to be getting stranger by the minute.

As per usual, more news will be reported as this story develops.


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