Shave and a… Burger. Two Bits.

Over the years, companies have found it mutually beneficial to team up and offer their various products and services together, usually only for a limited time. The basic idea makes sense, expose new potential costumers in a nonthreatening manner by offering a free sample with something else they already purchase. Sometimes though, you have to ask who thought it would be a good idea.

Good to know that you can get something to shave with from a fast food joint. You’re an up-and-coming professional, so you need to look your best and also have the necessary sustenance to perform well, but your busy schedule forced you to choose between hygiene and breakfast. Well, look no further, McD’s and Gillette have got your back. What could make your rubbery eggs and burnt sausage more enjoyable than the potential risk of cutting your jugular artery while shaving in the car?

While McDonald’s was the first restaurant to team up with a toiletry company, others have jumped on the band wagon. Taco Bell entered into talks with Colgate, resulting in a Fire Sauce flavored toothpaste. Wendy’s offers a choice of either a travel size SpeedStick or Lady SpeedStick with the purchase of an old fashioned burger. Big Boy found a perfect match with Barbasol, and outlined a new direction for their mascot.

For that extra close shave... with an order of fries.

I for one am glad that you can obtain shaving products and hamburgers from the same location. Saves me a trip alternating Tuesdays of each month.