Local Basketball Rivalry Inspires Some

–Wealthy St.

The tension in the air was thick, Sunday evening. At an unsuspecting Basketball court near the freeway, an infamous local basketball rivalry continued and gridlocked in an impromptu match. Robert “Nasty” Antor faced off against Trevor “Turkish” Gates in what will go down as one of the best defensive games in basketball ever played.

The rivalry started 6 months ago at the local YMCA. Robert, a traditional style player, received a shot to the rib by the local showstopper, Trevor. The blow took a heavy toll on him, and almost ended his dancing career. Robert got his revenge last May, while in inter-team play, blew a cheap shot at Trevor’s knee. Trevor underwent severe therapy, which involved 3 months of sitting on the couch, eating burritos and watching Wu-Tang Clan videos. Most speculated that the two would never face off again. Most were wrong.

When the impromptu game started, the only one in attendance was a man that was running laps around the court. By halftime, the crowd increased to 3 people and a dog. By the final buzzer, there were a record breaking 7 spectators. These several people were in for a treat int he form of some old-school defensive basketball. The two rivaled each other so much that not a single point was scored in regulation. After the game ended, Robert assumed that the game was over. He shook his hand in a sign of a new found friendship. However, this gave Turkish the opportunity to steal the ball on the open court and score a half-court shot.

Many in attendance were in sheer awe. Housewive Maude McHenderson attests:

I don’t watch basketball. I’m more of a cricket person. However, seeing those two grown men sweat and give their all and accomplish nothing was one of the most inspiring things I have ever witnessed. It was so depressing and wonderful. I might watch basketball someday.”

Ronnie Dean McDonald, the owner of the court, went to go shut down his court and instead witnessed the magic that occurred.

“I didn’t even know the hoops were still standing. Nobody has played here in 10 years. In fact, I’m not even the owner! I just pretend to be so I can sell crack easier.”

Either way, Sunday night will forever be a night to go down in local street basketball history. Baseball For Dinner aficionado, Danny Diesel, captured the game for all of us to see.

In other sports news, there was inter-league play in the Tengen Baseball League as the Detroit Roscoes scored 7 runs in the 8th to defeat The San Francisco Cozos to win 14-8.