The Origins of The Term ‘Neuromechanic’

This is the first in a new BFD series, where we look at the world through the eyes of a self-proclaimed ‘neuromechanic.’ In order to understand the mindset, I offer this to help provide a framework for further discussions. The word first found usage as the title of a free-form poem put forth by an obscure artist trying to find his place within the world.

the life of a neuromechanic

the world spins on
but with a different song
one that doesn’t define
right from wrong
and let’s people just be
as they are naturally
without any regard
to the boundaries of you and me
or is that just fantasy?
or can we make it come true
in time for our children to view
a new age of mankind
drenched with the hue
of a new mindset
where we stop worrying about debt
and instead focus on
a positive creative outlet
that we use to redefine existence
and tear down the fence
that keeps us separated
from our own common sense
on how to live in peace
and make the hatred cease
i guess i’ll stop holding
my breath now, just release
the air and let it flow
and settle back and watch the show
as it reminds us all to laugh
at ourselves and not blow
up at the people we encounter
stay steady and you won’t flounder
so sit back and enjoy the ride
as the world continues to spin around here.

After reflection on the intent of the artist, the following definition for the term was put forth:

“a person who seeks the truth about one’s self and about the world only to be met with continual evidence that both the self and the world are two facets of the same phenomenon.”

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for future observations from BFD’s local neuromechanic.

– CJ