Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers Spotted At Kirk Park

It was a normal day at the beach in Grand Haven, MI. Kids tried to make sandwiches out of sand, pseudo-punks tried to dig their own pods to fill with water, and tattooed skanks tried to convince their burnt out boyfriends that they were still “sexy”. Amongst all of this normalcy, the beach was invaded by the mega-aura of TVs Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers, as they tried to be…well…normal.

Better known as the married aliases of Frank and Carol Lambert on the mega-hit TV show, Step By Step, this Hollywood couple enjoyed a day on the beach which entailed sitting in a chair, kicking sand, and gawking at children. When approached, they pleaded for “No Comment.” When approached again, they stated that they “want to be left alone”, which negates their previous comment of not having a comment. Although the times have not been nice to their appearances, it is still heartening to see actors trying to stay in character in the real world.

J.T. Lambert, and the rest of the Lambert clan were not available for comment.

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